You know…


I really really REALLY hate when plans fall through. It’s so annoying! SO all week he and I planned on going to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the UFC fight. Well yesterday his friends decide they feel like going to a party 2 hours away at another college and he goes with them.

So where did that leave me!? FUCKIN ALONE in my room when I coulda been out doing something else with my friend. Finally I said fuck it and had my brother come get me and I went out with him and his friend.

Of course before he left I was upset since at the time I had nothing to do on a Saturday night. He was mad that when he left I didn’t wanna give him a kiss. Why would I? Fuck that. That was about 5ish. Around 2am he texts me like are you up? You fuckin kiddin me? You wanna text me hours later?! Then have nerve to get mad cuz I’m mad? Psh. His whole thing was ‘I was down there with my frat.’ That would be so much more believable if he rode down there with them though.

He was down there with his bitches. I’m sooo not dumb. I didn’t get an invite or nothing. Suspicious as fuck. Honestly I’m so through with this fraternity sorority shit.

So this morning we planned on getting up a noon to go out to eat breakfast. Right now WordPress says it is 2:21 pm. What am I doing? Typing while he is over there sleeping. I tried getting him up but fuck it I’m no ones mother. He knows I have shit to do today. He even got the chance to redeem himself after yesterday. But nope once again the plans have fallen through.